Klarus BK20 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light
The BK20 was designed to model after the Klarus XT20, and utilizes the XT20 head. The unit includes a
battery pack (4*18650 batteries and charger) and remote control switch. The remote switch can be
attached to your handlebar grip for full remote control of the BK20. The two head BK20 light is capable to
produce a maximum output of 1200 lumens. The BK20 throws a floodlight beam over an impressive
distance to give you far-reaching and wide-angle view of what’s ahead. It is one of the most powerful and
desirable bicycle lights in the world.

• Rechargeable battery pack. 4*18650 batteries with capacity of 7.2V/4400mAh, which power the light
. for up to 4 hours on maximum illumination (1200 lumens) and up to 10 hours on medium (370 lm).  
• The unit is multipurpose, without any changes to the head of the XT20, allows the XT20 head to be
. attached to the Klarus XT20 body tube to be utilized as a flashlight for exploration, hunting, camping
. and travel.
• Three lighting modes and one strobe mode; the strobe mode alerts oncoming traffic in a congested area.
• Durable in all weather conditions; silica gel protects the remote pressure switch from the outdoor elements
. and is shockproof & waterproof. The remote pressure switch is easily attached to the most bicycle handle
. bar applications, which makes the perfect hand-operated function, no need to take your hands off the
. handle bar.
• Durable, thick core, minimal resistance wire makes for the BK20 to have minimal loss of power between
. light and power source.
• The unit is easily detachable and has an anti-shut off power setting to ensure a reliable connection and is
. also water and mud proof.
• Waterproof and shock proof silica gel battery holster.
• Detachable stainless steel light head holder is simple, practical and completely portable.
• Easily detachable battery charging holder and high performance charger with indicator to ensure for fast
. charging
• Uses high cushioning, easily washed waterproof battery holster, which efficiently protects the batteries
. and avoids abrasion of the batteries and bike because of rough terrain riding

• Working voltage: 7.0V - 14.0V
• Three lighting button and one function button. Three lighting modes and one strobe mode.
-    High mode: 1200 lumens (4 hours)
-    Medium mode: 370 lumens (10 hours)
-    Low mode: 10 lumens (360 hours)
-    Strobe mode: 1200 lumens (7.6 hours)
• Battery pack: 4*18650 batteries,7.2V/4400mAh (included)
• Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, silica gel, PU slingshot thread
• Aerospace-grade aluminum. Hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
• Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (underwater to 2 meters)
• Included material: Magic band*2, hardware holder*1, O-ring*2, silica gel band*2, battery pack*1, battery
. holster*1 , remote switch*1, charger*1 and XT20 head.
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