Energy Saving LED  Nightlight
• For dark hallways, closets, windowless spaces, or even for room decoration.
• Plugs in and stays on and never gets hot.
• So economical to use, costs just 12-cents per year, even with constant use.
• No bulb to change. Nothing to replace. Lasts 100,000 hours -- or about 11 years.
• Operating Voltage:  120 VAC

Available in 3 models and 3 colors:  Amber, Green, and White.    (blue and red out of stock)
LED Nightlight Model-01 (sailboat)
Sale Price:  $4.99
LED Nightlight Model-03  (shell)
LED Nightlight Model-04 (lighthouse)
LED Nightlight Model-05 (palm tree)
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Sale Price:  $4.99
Sale Price:  $4.99
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