Fenix AD501 / AD502-N Camping Lampshade Diffuser
Sale Price:    $6.50
The Camping Lampshade is a unique accessory specially designed for Fenix flashlights which
converts your flashlight into an exquisite camping light immediately. Providing flood light with a
wider range, it extremely caters for outdoor camping, hiking, daily use as well as reading in the

Features & Specs
• Uses Plexiglas and PC plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG, with partly glossy and
- electroplating finish, it has a better penetrating effect
• Illuminates a hemisphere range with the opposite direction of the light beam
• High temperature resistance with favorable stability
• Directly covers light head, simple operation
Suitable for flashlights with a
21-22.5mm diameter.  compatible
with the following Fenix models:
LD10, LD20, PD20, PD30, HP10,
and HL20.
Sale Price:    $7.50
Suitable for flashlights with a 31.5 -
34 mm diameter.  compatible with
the following Fenix models: TK11,
TK12, TK15, TA20, TA21, etc.
Camping Lampshade
TK Camping Lampshade
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